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Senate Interim Committees
   Rural Communities and Economic Development8:00 A.M.
   General Government, Consumer and Small Business Protection2:00 P.M.
House Committees
   Human Services and Housing8:00 A.M.
   Rural Communities8:00 A.M.
   Veterans' Services and Emergency Preparedness8:00 A.M.
   Agriculture and Natural Resources2:00 P.M.
   Transportation and Economic Development2:00 P.M.
Joint Committees
   Legislative Audits, Information Management and Technology2:00 P.M.
Joint Committees
   Emergency Board Subcommittee on General Government11:00 A.M.
Joint Task Forces
   State Budget Process (HB 4157)8:30 A.M.
   Pollinator Health (HB 4139)9:00 A.M.
   Capital Construction Budget Process (SB 551)10:30 A.M.

Currently Streaming Meetings

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